Campus Master Planning:  SK has assisted its clients in many different campus master planning efforts.  We make sure that your planning effort is well-informed, and will position you competitively in the market in the future and ensure sustainability.  What needs to be done now?  What can and should be done in the shorter-term? And what should be part of the longer-term master plan?  Our approach is holistic, focusing on the undeniable link between strategy, operations and capital.  We assist our clients by not just assessing what their campus needs to remain viable, but how it is positioned in the market relative to the competition.  Our expertise in capital formation strategies helps refine the strategic options to those that are feasible, and assist in the execution of the financing requirements.

  • Strategic & Capital Positioning Analysis – Better understand the competitiveness of your property and the value provided, its outlook for success as is, and areas and strategies for improvement.  We analyze your product and price positioning, integrate an understanding of the external factors – both within your market and across the industry – impacting your property, and assess capital resources and requirements to develop market and capital strategies to lay the foundation for master planning...and a successful future.   
  • Advisory – After working with you to develop the plan that is right for you, we can sit with you at the table and work as your partner and advisor in the process of executing the master plan. This can include bringing to the table the other professionals and expertise needed on the team: architect, investment banker, sales and marketing team, etc. 

Acquisition/Affiliation:  Your organization is considering a growth strategy that involves the acquisition of (or affiliation with) other existing providers.  But how do you move forward with that strategy confidently and with purpose?  SK has worked with its clients to help define what "growth" means for them, how best to achieve that growth strategy, identify potential targets, and then execute on the vision.

  • Planning and Suitability Analysis – SK can assist in these efforts by conducting a thorough analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to determine if you truly have the organizational strength to consider such a growth strategy.  SK can also lead the organization through the exercise of identifying key criteria that must be met for a potential opportunity to become a target and for a joint venture to be feasible.
  • Market Analysis & Candidate Identification – Through its expert market research, and considerable industry contacts, SK can conduct a thorough analysis of the likely candidates that meet your organization’s prescribed criteria.  SK can then analyze the two organizations financially and culturally to identify areas of operational efficiencies, capital considerations, and growth potential.
  • Execution – Once a potential target has been identified, SK can assist in developing a strategy for execution.  SK is able to serve as an “agent” for our clients, soliciting feedback from potential targets without the client themselves being identified.  In addition, capital considerations frequently are overlooked.  SK is uniquely qualified to analyze the capital of each organization, develop a plan for execution, and serve as the intermediary on any negotiations with existing lenders that may be required.

Default/Stressed Situation: SK has worked with multiple clients in assisting them in determining the best strategy for working through distressed situations.  Our engagements in these situations have involved repositionings, debt restructurings, and partnership/affiliation advisory (either in default, at-risk, or simply underperforming). In these situations, time is of the essence, and we do not believe in a "us versus them" approach.  Our philosophy is centered around a foundation of transparency and collaboration with all stakeholders (board, management, community, residents and capital partners) with the goal of achieving a consensual resolution and moving to execution as efficiently as possible.  

  • Repositioning Analysis – We don’t do the typical marketing audit that is triggered when a bond covenant is violated.  Rather, what we provide is a focus on strategic and capital solutions.  The key is to determine the root causes of the challenges at a community, and then to develop potential strategic initiatives to mitigate and overcome these challenges, improve future performance, and enhance sustainability.  With our unique approach of integrating a deep understanding of both strategic and capital issues and implications, we believe that we are unparalleled in our ability to provide real solutions to stressed situations.  
  • Advisory and Implementation – After developing the strategy, we can serve as an advisor in the process and help you to actually implement and execute the repositioning plan.  This can involve coordinating the disparate professionals involved to achieve the desired outcome in the most efficient manner possible.

Strategic Planning:  Is it time for growth?  Should we be exploring partnerships?  How do we stay ahead?  Is a new direction needed?  And if the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, how do move forward?  We provide guidance to help organizations planning for the future, asking these and other foundational questions. SK is equally comfortable leading a soup to nuts strategic planning undertaking, or playing a secondary role facilitating and supporting an organization taking the lead itself.  And again, we can work as your partner and advisor in the process of determining the strategic initiatives that are right for your organization and then executing on these initiatives. 

New Construction/Expansion/Development:  Let SK assist you in determining if a new development will be feasible…and beyond that, what it will take to be successful.  This applies to both start-up and expansion situations. 

  • Market and Financial Feasibility – with an emphasis on going beyond the analysis to provide interpretation and insight, and a focus on strategic considerations. Our analyses are designed not to just answer the question of “yes or no”, but more importantly the questions of “what?”, “how?”, and “what now?”
  • Opportunities Analysis – strategic analyses to identify and explore options on a site for a new development and determine “highest and best use.”  

Business Planning and Investment Strategy:  Before leaping into the senior living space and/or putting money on the line, determine the niche and product that offers the most attractive risk-return profile for your investors, and find the partners, secure the capital, and take the steps necessary to execute that plan and strategy.  Looking for more than an advisor? Need a well-regarded industry partner to team with to execute the business plan and secure investment?  This could be the start of a beautiful friendship...